Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CV Tips

1. Personal details:
- Include details such as your full name, address, home/mobile number and email address so that the employer is able to reach you for correspondence.

- It is recommended that you include date of birth as age is important for certain positions involving driving and car insurance. These details should be at the start of the cv.
- Marital status, family circumstances, mother’s name etc. are not necessary details.

- Make sure that if you have a driver’s licence, that it is evidently highlighted in your cv along with any points that you may have acquired.

2. Education/Achievements:
- Be sensible when including your educational details. Detail the most recent course studied but not the results of every single exam you’ve done!
- Include any achievements such as academic certificates or awards you may have received.

3. Work Experience:
- List the most recent experience first.
- Include the company name, your start and finishing dates, your job title and follow with a neat bullet-point list of your duties/achievements.
- Be more detailed on jobs that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.

4. Other details:
- You can also include details of extra curricular achievements such as sport, public speaking, etc.
- A short concise list of your hobbies is also a good idea as you may have something in common with the person reading your CV, which will help your application to stand out.

5. Keep it simple!
- No need for fancy paper, photographs, folders and so forth.
- There is no need to ‘pad it out’. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs; 2-3 pages are sufficient in length - anything longer starts to lose the interest of the individual reading it.

6. Spell Check:
- Watch out for typos, spellings, formatting, grammatical errors, etc., and always use a spell check.
- It can also be useful to have somoene else read over it, as they often spot mistakes you may not have noticed.

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