Friday, July 9, 2010

June/July 2010 FMCG news

  1. Loyalty broken by poor availability
  2. Shoppers in favour of alternative BOGOF model
  3. JLC rejects calls for further freeze in retail wage rates
  4. Tradeteam to distribute the Molson Coors portfolio in NI
  5. Eurostat survey ‘out of date’ – Retail Ireland
  6. Greencore & C&C profits update
  7. Manufacturers damaging own brands & John west's new campaign
  8. Pepsi outperform competition
  9. Lotto revenue break down
  10. The link betwenn oil & food prices
  11. Change for Good not so good for Premier Foods
  12. SuperValu invest on insight
  13. Almost 30% of SKUs now sold on deal
  14. Local stores need protection – survey
  15. Profits up at Tennent & Ruttle
  16. Tesco plans significant Irish expansion this year
  17. Global movement towards comfort eating
  18. The growth of private label sector
  19. Indian choc market
  20. Global Spar sales grow to €28.5 billion in 2009

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